Pet MasterMind was established by two professional pet trainers who recognized there is a substantial gap between the  expectations of pet owners and what pets actually need. Consequently, we have decided to strive and solve this human-pet mind puzzle by innovating and developing solutions that are safe, effective, and natural for our wonderful fur, feather, and finned animal-friends.

The Pet MasterMind philosophy has always been straight forward: Pets  are as valuable as family so we treat them as such! To that effect, safety comes first! Since the health and wellbeing of your beloved animal friend is vital to you, developing products that are ethically safe is also fundamental to us and a prerequisite to what we offer. Relentless consideration and care are given to the types of ingredients used in all of our products so your pet stays safe!

Our training work also enlightened us that establishing a positive relationship with pets can be made possible only when the appropriate methods and tools are applied. As a result, we rolled up our sleeves and, after considerable efforts, the observable result is a home filled with harmony between human and pet, and while the stress is gone, the pet behaviors thatmake for mutual happiness are here to stay!

We know that pets, just like humans, are balanced differently from each other and what works for many may not achieve its intended goal with all. As we aim to provide you with products that work, Pet MasterMind offers a money back guarantee or a tailor-made product if the original purchase left you wanting an even better outcome. Once a purchase is made, we are committed to shipping you the product within the next day, so it quickly arrives at your door and you get the joy of discovery that the problem is solved for good!

Whether you are looking for a solution to stop your cat from scratching up your valuable belongings, a jumping deterrent for your rambunctious rover, or items to enrich the lives of your pets, such as interactive toys, Pet MasterMind is dedicated to be a leader in the research, development, and improvement of the most useful products so you can also experience proven results and be truly satisfied once and for all!

For any queston or feedback, feel free to get in touch with us through the contact us page.