Anyone who’s ever owned a cat has heard that Infamous sound. That scraping across your furniture or your carpets that makes you inwardly cringe with the knowledge that your cat is currently running their claws along something in your home. Unfortunately, this is more than often happening on a piece of furniture that you actually like.

This is one of the few downfalls to owning a cat, and something that we really have to learn how to deal with. Let’s face it, animals communicate very differently than people. This is part of why we like them, and part of what makes them so difficult to understand sometimes. Scratching things is a Perfectly Natural reaction for any feline friend. They do this in response to several different types of internal and external stimuli. In other words, they’re going to do it whether you want them to or not so you need to figure out an alternative for them.

Fortunately, your cat’s not doing this because they don’t like you. They’re simply doing this because there are some instincts that don’t go away just because an animal has been domesticated. Your cat’s doing exactly what it would be doing if it was running around outside and not living in your home. Just because fluffy has his food hand-fed to him everyday and spends 3 hours being copiously petted doesn’t mean that he’s not going to still Embrace his Wild Side sometimes.

When your fearsome fur ball starts flexing their claws on your favorite leather chair, it’s time to start looking into cat scratching Alternatives. There are plenty of things you can do to offer them a better place to sharpen their claws. Yes, cats need manicures too. They just go about getting them a very different way. Unfortunately, the cost of their manicure can sometimes be your Italian leather couch. They also love to run their claws along your favorite shag carpeting. If you want to stop your cat from scratching the carpet, there are a number of Alternatives you can look into:

Give Them Similar Options

Cats are some of the most stubborn creatures out there. When they genuinely want to scratch something, they’re going to find a way to do it. Sometimes, it’s a good idea to offer them a similar alternative. If they absolutely love scratching up a section of your carpet, see if you can find a carpet sample that mimics this and place it over the area. You can secure it with velcro or weigh it down by attaching it to a piece of wood. This is essentially making a flat scratching post that allows your cat to exercise their natural instinct without damaging your flooring.

Make Other Areas More Appealing

If you cat has one particular area in your home where they like to scratch, it may be a good idea to try to lead them elsewhere. You can do this by placing toys, brand new scratching posts, and even a little bit of catnip to draw them to that area. You can also place their food bowl next to it as an additional incentive. Cats like to be bribed. They’re independent, but they are far from stupid.

Make the Area Inaccessible to Them

Sometimes, the cat is absolutely Relentless with their need to use your antique duvet to stretch their claws on. This is when it’s a good idea to either remove that piece of furniture, or just shut the door. If you have a way to keep your cat out of that area, that’s really the simplest way to prevent them from damaging anything inside.

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