Cool Kitty Cat Calming Pheromone Spray 8OZ

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Cats usually aren’t very expressive and love their space. This is often mistaken for being unfriendly. Who better than cat owners know that this is so untrue. We know how much you love caring for your cat and playing with it. But cat spraying can annoy even the most patient cat lovers.

Female cat spraying is not a sign of bad behaviour. Unspayed female cats resort to urine marking to attract a mate. The spraying can also be a sign of an underlying medical condition, litter box issues or anxiety. While finding the cause and treating will take some time, there is a quick and easy method to stop your cat from spraying. This natural and safe cat calming spray is safe on your cat and solves the spraying problem.

The solution to a happy cat and clean home is just a click away.

  • Cat calming spray helps to calm nervous cats
  • Ingredients:Distilled water, proprietary cat pheromone, passion flower-jasmine medley, paraben-free preservative
  • Safe, natural formula
  • Stop cats from spraying, reduce the anxiety of vet visits, travel and moving for your precious pet!
  • Remedies stress-induced behavioral issues
  • Product comes with a 100% guarantee, ensuring every customer is a satisfied customer.

Cool Kitty cat calming spray is a unique blend of calming herbs and naturally simulated cat pheromones.

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3 reviews for Cool Kitty Cat Calming Pheromone Spray 8OZ

  1. MOverbey

    Kept my cat from peeing all over his carrier on a trip to the vet…first time EVER! Last time I was at the vet, they used something like this to calm him down for the ride back, but I hadn’t been able to find anything in stores that worked. I’m thankful for this product! I got this product at a discount for an honest review. Hope it helps!

  2. Lauren Gantz (verified owner)

    I have had a long term problem with some of my male cats spray marking (yes, they are all neutered). I have tried numerous different solutions including plug-ins. Cool Kitty spray has been very effective for me as long as I spray consistently every day in trouble areas. Not all of the marking has stopped, but I would say 80-90 % improvement in the bad behavior.

  3. Laura (verified owner)

    We continue to love using Cool Kitty spray. Our 17 year old kitty loves it too. It has a wonderful fragrance and is very economical. I recommend it over the other expensive pheromone sprays available.

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