Fluffy Feline Cat Dandruff Care Spray


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  • CAT DANDRUFF and DRY SKIN- As professional groomers have discovered already, get your cat looking its best with Pet MasterMind’s Fluffy Feline. This spray removes and moisturizes feline flaky fur so your cat can return to being gorgeous yet again!
  • SAFE AND NATURAL – Beautify your cat’s coat with this safe, plant-based solution. The vitamins, healthy fats, and local honey have been meticulously researched to create a gentle and effective results.
  • NO RINSING NEEDED – Just apply at least twice per week, brush it in, and towel dry. This easy-to-use treatment also means that your cat will benefit from avoiding being rinsed in the bath. It is an ideal option for both long and short-haired felines. By using Fluffy Feline, expect to see positive results from the flaky, itchy skin within days.
  • NO ADDED SCENTS – As most cats are very selective when it comes to the smells around them, let alone on them, this formula is made to have minimal scent.
  • Product comes with a 100% guarantee, ensuring every customer is a satisfied customer! As a small family business we want your family to be satisfied with our products. Please contact us directly with your order number so that we can resolve any individual issue and you can become 100% happy with your purchasing decision.


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