Safety 1st: ‘NO CHEW FOR YOU!’ from Pet MasterMind – The Remarkable Dog and Cat Chew and Scratch Deterrent 8oz Spray Solution!

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All the unconditional love and care your bundle of joy, you dog showers on you makes you happy. You feel the same affection too and love to pamper your four-legged friend. But we’re sure you didn’t anticipate that your dog would be chewing the remote, the phone, you shoe, fabric and a host of other household items.

Chewing is natural behaviour for dogs. For younger dogs it’s a means of relieving the teething pain. Older dogs chew due to anxiety, for stimulation or just for fun. We have an easy and safe solution to the problem! This dog repellent spray works as a dog chewing deterrent, keeping your belongings safe and secure. The best part about this repellent is that it is made from natural ingredients and so causes no harm to your loved dog.

Don’t worry, just love!

  • Natural and Safe Ingredients based on up-to-date data from the Pet Poison Helpline, the ASPCA, the AVMA, and the CVMA. No harmful plant components, such as tea tree oil, which in moderate amounts are toxic to pets! “No Chew For You!” is the unparalleled cat and dog repellent
  • Ingredients: Deionized water, calendula-astragalus natural herbal blend, bitter extract, paraben-free preservative
  • Save Your pet from destroying your sofa, shoes, your house and even their own fur with this dog chewing deterrent!
  • Dog chewing deterrent is significantly more effective than ordinary Bitter Apple and its derivatives!
  • This clear, non-staining cat and dog training spray keeps your valuables clean and safe!
  • “The Beaver” No-Chomp, 180 Day Money Back Guarantee! Invented by Ethical Pet Trainers who Care About Your Pet’s Well-Being!

Consider yourself in luck as you’ve just come across a rare find in the Amazon pet repellent category. NO CHEW FOR YOU! is a breakthrough product that is only offered to responsible pet owners.Surprise! Most pet deterrents aren’t ethical as they contain significant amounts of pet-toxic ingredients. Consider this an insider’s peek into the pet industry: Tea tree oil, commonly added in moderate amounts as a chewing stopper, is hazardous to your pet’s health! The scientific proof is available online at: the Pet Poison Helpline, the American and Canadian Veterinary Medical Associations, and the ASPCA. Try this at home: Place a bottle of tea tree oil near your pet, a quick sniff and lick may keep the pet away, but the oil is obviously airborne, and is inhaled by your pet into their lungs and stomach. But, considering the solid scientific proof, I wouldn’t want my puppy or kitten inhaling these vapors for many hours, days, and weeks, would you? As most deterrent manufacturers didn’t even do a simple Google search, we encourage you to do better for your pet and easily fact-check this information. If you discover most non-chew sprays contain unsafe deterrent ingredients, you’re right. But we’re different.

Developed by expert dog trainers, the safety of what goes outside and inside a pet is as important to us as it is to you. In fact, we consider ourselves educators at our root core, and product developers as a natural addition. The active ingredient in ‘No Chew’ is a pet-safe plant, oregano, which we had researched, purified, reformulated, and tested using rigorous scientific and state-of-the-art methodologies that zero in on the bitter button of your pet.
At Pet Mastermind, we’ve worked hard to make ‘No Chew’ the pet-friendly answer. We’re delighted to help you:(A) Regain control over your personal valuables and (B) Feel great about rescuing your pet from a bad habit with a safe solution. Enjoy!



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